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Client Testimonials

We are really grateful to receive the EAP service from Happy Minds. Working with such an energized team has been a remarkable experience.

Leapfrog in collaboration with Happy Minds were able to achieve a major goal, to provide a great mental wellbeing program for our people. Which indeed has been a great success to date.Their content and EAP program has provided an encouraging and supportive experience to our EAP attendees at Leapfrog.

Happy minds provides excellent sessions and counseling to address mental wellbeing. They strived to understand our goals and customized their program to meet the needs of our company.

I appreciate their consistency to report generations and suggest to us the best plans and programs we can have for our people. We look forward to having the same bonding and getting such remarkable programs from Happy Minds.

Leapfrog Technology Nepal Pvt. Ltd. - Image

At Alaya, our commitment to holistic employee wellbeing inspired us to prioritize mental health support.

Recognizing the integral role of mental wellness in overall performance and satisfaction, we sought to empower our team with resources to thrive both professionally and personally.

Partnering with Happy Minds has been instrumental in this journey.

Their comprehensive support programs and proactive approach have not only complemented our initiative but also significantly enhanced our ability to foster a supportive, resilient work environment.

This collaboration has been pivotal in making mental health support accessible and effective for our team.

Alaya - Image

Personally, I used to sit with people with a variety of requirements. I used to encourage them, sit with them, and listen to their experiences because I wanted to give them a human touch. Listening to them for years prompted me to modify the routine. Instead of listening to them, why not create a structure that allows them to sustain themselves?

As an HR professional, I've always wanted to take a different approach to making someone's life better. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. However, I tried for almost three years and, especially during the Corona Period, the results were good. Then I recognize the opportunity and begin supporting the employee's mental health.
About HappyMinds: They are strongly aligned with the company's goals. Positive and assertive communication during sessions, as well as regard for a client's dignity, have played a vital part in supporting employees' mental well-being. In addition, receiving expert assistance on a regular basis has helped us learn and gain motivation for our jobs.

Worldlink - Image

Recognizing the profound impact of mental health on productivity and engagement, we sought a partner who shared our vision. At Dabur prioritizing employee wellbeing has been at the forefront of our organizational values. Recognizing the critical link between a healthy work environment and overall productivity, We took the initiative to champion mental health support within our company. Witnessing the evolving landscape of workplace dynamics and acknowledging the impact of stress on our workforce, it became imperative to create a supportive atmosphere. Through comprehensive mental health programs, counseling services, awareness campaigns, and workshops, we strive to foster a workplace where employees not only excel professionally but also feel genuinely cared for and supported in their personal well-being. The positive response from our team has reinforced the significance of such initiatives, solidifying our commitment to creating a holistic and thriving workplace culture at Dabur Nepal. Together with Happy Minds, we've successfully implemented programs that not only address the challenges our employees face but also create a culture of understanding and support. This collaboration reflects our unwavering commitment to prioritizing the mental health of our valued team at Dabur Nepal.

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